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Stevie Kingdom

Flt Lt Steve Kingdom is a member of the RAF Regiment currently serving with the 1st Royal Horse Artillery, Larkhill.  His primary role is that of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC).  He co-ordinates the delivery of weapons from aircraft to ground targets while in close proximity to them.   He has done several tours including Iraq and Afghanistan.  Steve did his 1st parachute jump back in 1997 but didn’t take up the sport seriously until 2005.  Since then he has completed over 700 jumps and enjoys Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation and wingsuiting.

Steve says “I find doing displays to be the most thrilling of the disciplines I partake in.  To jump out of the aircraft and aim to land in a small and unfamiliar area is something not for the faint hearted.  It takes a lot of training, skill and trust both in yourself and the other team members.  Whether that be the Jump Master, who is responsible for our safety in the aircraft and works out where the best ‘spot’ is to get out and enable us to reach the landing area, or the Drop Zone controllers, who are there to assist us at the venue with real time wind and surface conditions.  I enjoy entertaining the crowds and trying to showcase what we as parachutists and skydivers can do within a few thousand feet.  Conducting displays also allows you to visit some beautiful parts of the UK and we get to jump into some iconic venues.

Additionally, he recently qualified as a Jumpmaster and is therefore certified to dispatch team members from the aircraft during parachute displays.